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Terms of Use


saltandpepper is an electronic store for the sale of products via Internet and the website of the company under the name “MAN. VITSAXAKIS HOUSEHOLD IMPORTS S.A.” (trading name: “EVE S.A.”), based in Koropi of Attica, 21st km. Lavriou Ave., (Karela), VAT: 094223300, Tax Office: Commercial Companies’ Athens Office, Telephone: +30210 6029511, Fax: +30210 6029161, hereinafter refer to as “the Company”. The promotion, presentation, sale, transportation, shipping and return of any products displayed on this site as well as the protection of your privacy and security of your transactions are subject to these Terms of Use, which you are required to read before browsing saltandpepper and making purchases. The browsing in saltandpepper as well as the performing purchases through the electronic store or communication with the Company entails your full acceptance of these Terms of Use. In case of disagreement or if you have any concerns with a part or the whole of these Terms, you may send us an e-mail to:, before navigating or making any transaction, otherwise your acceptance of all the Terms is considered unconditional.
The Company reserves the right to modify or renew completely or partially the terms and conditions of your navigation on website and any transactions made through the electronic store. It also undertakes the obligation to update this website concerning any change or/and addition to terms. It also retains the right at any time to change, amend or terminate any individual operation of this website, and reserves the exclusive right, which the customers should accept, to suspend – permanently or temporarily – the saltandpepper’s operation with or without prior notice of users/members and visitors of saltandpepper.
The Company takes every possible measure for the proper publication and display of information concerning the products promoted through saltandpepper. However, the Company is not responsible for any errors may occur in the frame of electronic store’s operation regarding the stated and displayed information (for example prices, availability, photos, types, etc.) that may result from e.g. technological failures – errors, typographical or/and “human” errors from suppliers, even by negligence. If you find any error before or/and after the completion of your order, you are requested to send an e-mail to: and contact us at +302106029511 or fax +302106029161. In any case, if you discover any error please do not proceed with sending your order request before notifying the Company and clarifying this issue.


saltandpepper electronic store promotes and resells the products of the above mentioned Company. The Company reserves the right to choose freely the products it promotes in saltandpepper as well as modify, renew or/and retract them at any time and without prior notice or/and compliance deadline. The same applies to its pricing policy, any offers and discounts.


The orders are completed as follows:
You may browse the saltandpepper electronic store, select freely the products of your choice and place them in your shopping cart. Then, following the steps indicated each time you may proceed and send your order request to the Company. For your better service and in order to facilitate your future purchases, for your first order you are asked to register as user member of saltandpepper by filling in your personal details requested in the registration form. After that, every time you complete a purchase, you fill out all the details of your order request as they appear in the order form. Any details you send to our Company fall under the strict protection of personal data policy held by our Company and are collected and processed with complete security and care, and only upon your explicit consent that is provided by sending the above mentioned form. In any case, every time you send an order request to our Company, you should first have accepted these Terms of Use that apply to all transactions between us. In addition, you are responsible for the accuracy and legality of the information you provide and that the Company knows only by your statement. The registered users have the right to request whenever they wish and with no charge the deletion of their details, at any time, by sending a relevant written request to the e-mail address of the Company. Also, the user may also unsubscribe from the electronic communication by pressing the “Unsubscribe” field at the bottom of the electronic file (in e-email).
After placing your order request you will receive an automated e-mail, at the e-mail account you have registered, that includes the order request data that was received by our Company. All order requests the Company receives are subject to checks for the availability of the ordered products. Since your order request in sent from 9.00 to 13.00 within business days and hours (Monday to Friday), you will receive an immediate message at the e-mail account you have registered, that your request is under process, otherwise you will this message within the next business day. While processing your request, it is always checked the availability of the products included in your order. In case that all the ordered products of your request are available, the shipment of your order is arranged based on the shipping times of our courier partner company, as specified below. In case that one or more items of your order are not available, the Company will contact you by e-mail to the registered e-mail account in order to let you know and agree with you on any modification, correction or cancellation of your order. If the case that the communication with you is not possible for a period of 10 days since your order request, then your placed order will be automatically cancelled and you should re-send a new request to the Company. The delivery of products ordered is made based on the shipping times of our cooperating courier company.
The Company may contact you by e-mail or/and SMS in the mobile phone you have registered any time until the delivery of your order about any issue concerning the receipt, process, completion or/and shipment of your order or/and payment or/and return of products or anything else. Both parties agree that this kin of communication (via e-mail or/and SMS) covers also the legal requirements of your written information, update, order confirmation, wherever and whenever this is required by the Law. In case you wish to express any objection or receive any clarification on the content of a message you have received according to the above mentioned or for any other reason, you may contact us either by e-mail or/and answer to the SMS you have received or/and call us directly at +30210 6029511.


The payment of your order to saltandpepper can be done with the following methods:
(a) Credit card (VISA, Mastercard): For any purchases made by credit card, saltandpepper charges no additional fees. The settlement of your transactions to saltandpepper by credit card is made exclusively by the National Bank of Greece. By completing the online order to saltandpepper, you are transferred automatically in a specifically designed page at the webpage of the bank where you are asked to enter the details of your credit card. These details are not made known neither to saltandpepper nor to anyone else except the bank that will process the financial transaction of your order. The payment by credit card is absolutely safe and uses the latest security standards of the National Bank of Greece secure server using the 128-bit encryption method that is the highest available today.
The charge of your credit card will be appeared as “EVE S.A.” that is the Company that has created and operates saltandpepper. In case of refund from saltandpepper because of cancellation or return of goods, the sum is credited to the account of the credit card you used for the payment of your order, subject to conditions set out in the paragraph of return / cancellation, etc.
(b) Cash on Delivery / COD (cash payment on the time of delivery).
When paying using the COD method, you pay in cash the total value of your order at the time of delivery of products by the cooperating courier company (as well as any agreed expenses e.g. transportation fees, COD cost etc.).
In case of refund from saltandpepper due to return of products, the IBAN account you have indicated will be credited. In this case, you will bear any additional cost charged by your bank.
(c) Deposit at bank account: If you decide to pay using the method of cash deposit, then you should pay in advance the total value of your order (along with any additional agreed expenses e.g. transportation cost) to any of the Company’s accounts that appear in the order form and the received e-mail, citing also the order code. In this case, you will bear any additional expenses charged by the bank.
Following that, you should send us a copy of the deposit either by fax at +302106029161 or e-mail to After receiving a valid copy of the total sum deposit, we will proceed to the shipping of your order. Failure to receive a copy or a valid copy of the deposit or total sum within 7 calendar days, your order will be cancelled without penalty and the sale contract will be considered as never done. In this case you will receive at the indicated e-mail an appropriate message on the cancellation of your order request. In case of cancellation or modification of your order until the date of delivery of products, it will follow the process of interest-free refund, after contacting you by e-mail to the registered e-mail account in order you let us know the bank account number in which you wish the deposit be done. You will bear any additional expenses charged by the bank of your indicated account. The bank account in which you should deposit the exact final total of your order, as this is stated in the order confirmation you received by e-mail, belongs to ALPHA BANK, IBAN code: GR3401402450147002320000237.


saltandpepper cooperates with courier companies and sends your orders to any address you indicate on the order form, throughout Greece but not abroad.
Subject to any additional charges as these are expressly provided on a product listed in our website, the shipping cost is generally as follows:
- for orders of total value up to 69 Euros including VAT, the shipping cost is 5 € incl. VAT throughout Greece,
- for orders of total value equal or more than 70 Euros incl. VAT, the shipping is FREE OF CHARGE throughout Greece.
The exact total sum is calculated automatically before placing your order and after choosing the place of delivery. The orders are prepared and shipped within 2-4 business days, and are delivered by our cooperating courier company to your place in one more business day when in Attica or other prefecture capitals or in 2 more business days in any other case. In cases that the destination is out of Greece or characterized “remote” or “inaccessible” by the cooperating courier company, we will contact you prior shipping on the exact delivery method.
The Company and its partners take all necessary measures to ensure timely delivery of the products order based on the above shipping times. The Company is not responsible for any delays caused by force majeure or events that are out of its control, for example, delays in customs, loading – unloading stopovers, transport strikes affecting the arrival of products to our Company’s warehouses from supplies, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, governmental or legislative acts, etc. In case of delays, out Company will make every effort to contact you to the registered details and arrange a new delivery date or delivery of some other product.
Although the Company takes every possible measure to keep you informed on any unavailability of products, there is a chance a product will be unavailable within the delivery time or unavailable at all. In this case, the Company will make once again every possible effort to contact you based on communications options you have registered and arrange a new delivery date or delivery of some other product or the cancellation of your order without penalty for both parties and the interest-free refund that may have been paid within a reasonable period of time.


You keep the right upon written request to return, without reason, the product you have received within 7 calendar days of the date of receipt, totally free of charge except the shipping and return cost (with the recommended courier company), which will be done at your own risk and expenses. On exercising your withdrawal right within 7 days, it is required: the product should be unused, with all its elements on place (e.g. stickers, label brand, etc.), and the packaging is unopened; also, all goods must be returned in perfect condition as received, undamaged, complete, within their original packaging, and with all the supporting documents that came with it (e.g. receipt, invoice, delivery note).
In case you have paid for your order by credit card, the refund for the returning products is credited directly to the respective accounts. In this case, you bear any expenses may occur during the crediting of these accounts. In case you have paid for your order in a different way, the refund is credited to the IBAN bank account you will indicate by written request. In such a case, you bear any expenses may occur for the transfer. In any case, the refund is made within 7 calendar days of receiving the returned products to the above address.
Return of promotional gifts or special offer products are not accepted. If the products do not meet the above mentioned requirements, they will be returned to you at your own charge.


Since you have placed your order and this has not been dispatched yet, you have the right to cancel it for any reason by written request to saltandpepper. In case you have already paid for your order by credit card, the refund is made directly to the respective account less any credit cost. If you have paid for your order in a different way, the refund is credited to your IBAN bank account you have indicated by written request. In this case, you bear any transfer cost may occur. In any case, the refund is made within 14 calendar days of your written request.


We invite you to check carefully the products upon the receipt. If you receive a product without expressing any particular subject, it means that you accept the product of our Company without question. However, if you find any damage or/and defect on the product, then within 7 days of receipt notify by contacting us by e-mail ( and declaring if you want us to replace with a new one or you wish to exercise your withdrawal right. In case you with the replacement of the product, saltandpepper will replace it at its own expenses, since you have submitted your request timely and the problem has been confirmed by the Company. In such a case, saltandpepper is charged any receipt and return cost by courier of choice. Then, and upon confirmation of the problem, saltandpepper will replace this product (free of charge) with a new one within 7 calendar days of the problem confirmation. Returning of defective products that have not received by the Company is not accepted; in case that no problem – defect is found to the returned products you are charged with the shipping and returning cost.
In cases that the replacement is not possible due to unavailability or retracting of the product, you will be refunded in full according to the conditions applying to returning policy.